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Notes :

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Project Description

ExcelPSLib is a PowerShell Module that allows creation of XLSX file by using the EPPlus 4.1 .Net Dynamic Link Library available at and made by Jan Kallman.

The goal of the ExcelPSLib Powershell Module is to add as much as possible an abstraction layer between .NET and Powershell by providing convenient "cmdlets".

ExcelPSLib is intended to Admins who want to create easily and in no time an XLSX file output for their Powershell scripts instead of an XML/XSLT, CSV File or even worse a TXT file because If you work within a Microsoft infrastructure the XSLX format is the most valuable format for every one in your company... And this With no special knowledge requirement ;-)


  •          Powershell 3.0 (Version 0.5.5 was PS 4.0 only sorry about that)

Main features:

  •          Create and configure an ExcelPackage
  •          Create and configure a new workbook
  •          Create and configure worksheet(s)
  •          Create style sheet (font, style, display and alignment options)
  •          Set value of a cell, assign the row where is the cell to a group
  •          Apply style sheet to range of cells (font, style, display and alignment options)
  •          Conditional formatting of range(s) with style sheets (font, style, display and alignment options)
  •          Create basic pivot table
  •          Convert decimal coordinate to Excel coordinates
  •          Export an array of objects to an XLSX file with header with:
      • auto-filter and 141 conditional formatting style available for an unlimited number of conditions
      • Data type parsing
      • 5 Basic & 3 Conditional Formula on columns (SUM,AVERAGE,COUNT,MAX,MIN,SUMIF,AVERAGEIF,COUNTIF) 
  •          Save the Current ExcelPackage to an XLSX file
  •        Import and convert an XLSX file to an array of custom objects with datatype detection
  •          Fully commented cmdlet

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